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About Motorcycle Mary Seminars…

“Motorcycle Mary’s” Best Darn Financial Seminar Ever
2 Hour Presentation
(To show people how to make their existing money stretch farther)
“Motorcycle Mary” can show you how to control your spending habits and get out of debt, create a budget that you can actually live with, increase your money’s spending power by 30% to 40%, and develop a financial plan to protect your future.
In real life, “Motorcycle Mary” is Mary McCune, a financial humorist. She knows that a lot of people work hard, earn a good living, and aren’t “stupid” about money. They just never learned how to manage it. And Mary speaks from her own personal experience. She is a former hard-living spendaholic who spent thirty years mired in financial misery. On her journey back to financial health, she developed a common-sense approach to managing money. Now, as a successful motivational speaker and author, she shows you how to use her practical money-management skills to get control of your financial life right now. And Motorcycle Mary does it with equal doses of humor, honesty, and heart: “If an old biker chick can figure out how to do this, you can too!” Motorcycle Mary’s system is a process that is universal to all income levels—with or without debt. Her program is guaranteed not to be a lecture from a banker in a 3-piece suit, but a presentation filled with Motorcycle Mary Maryisms that strike to the heart and to the subconscious mind of those wanting to know how to handle their finances. This is definitely one financial class you will not want to miss. Motorcycle Mary speaks from the heart—and will touch yours deeply.

Motorcycle Mary’s Keynote Presentation

Motorcycle Mary will roar into your meeting with her financial engine purring. With the rhythm of a finely tuned Harley, she will deliver financial information and advice in an easy to understand format. Her recommendations and advice sound more like a wisecracks than financial guidance, but after a few moments of contemplation by her listeners, they will realize that the advice is wise and much easier to digest with its coating of wit and humor. She is bold, honest and hilarious! She is a sought after speaker and author and her presentions are straightforward & humorous and she will tailor her presentations to your specific audience. She will have a positive impact on those who hear her message. She will be bold, honest and hilarious. She will open her life up and expose all the poor decisons she has made along the way about her spending habits. She holds nothing back when talking about her past and showing people how to become The Finacial Manager of Me, Inc. So strap on your helmets and prepare your audience for one of the funniest financial rides of their lives.

Don’t let the only financial lesson that you teach your children, be the finanical mess that they have to clean up when you die.

Motorcycle Mary

(and why to hire her)

She has written for a national publication and teaches seminars, workshops and keynote speaking throughout the mid-west to individuals, companies, professional organizations and groups about their spending habits and changing their financial future. Motorcycle Mary was awarded the Distinguished Business Award by the Pratt Area Chamber of Commerce.

She has turned her life experiences into a book and seminar which are designed to help, teach and guide people to reach their maximum capabilities with the existing money that they have. Be it the single waitress with two children, the retired couple, the college bound student or the professional trying to pay off student loans…what she has to offer is hope that you can utilize the existing money that you earn and make it stretch farther.

Are you an employer who wants to help their employees with their finances, but are about to “advance” yourself out of business…this presentation will let you help them without the advances. Provide the “teach them to fish” class instead of “giving them a fish”. or 620-213-2030

Testimonial from Bucklin Tractor & Implement…

I call Motorcycle Mary an “approachable expert.” Mary is a regular person who understands life’s struggles because she herself has overcome serious financial difficulties – and that common sense and sincerity immediately come across. And as an employer, I know firsthand that Mary gets results. Since she presented her first program at Bucklin Tractor & Implement last November, our employees are managing their money so much better. They have stopped asking for advances on their next paycheck, and our wage garnishments have dropped almost 80 percent! Now, access to Mary’s financial counseling is part of our employee benefits package, and we have her book and CD in the company library. Having Mary present her seminars to our employees has conveyed in a “hands-on” way that BTI truly cares about their financial well-being. Mary has created a win/win situation for BTI and our employees.
Letty Bachelor
Bucklin Tractor & Implement
Bucklin, Ks

Client List

  • American Packaging Corp.
  • Hutchinson KS
  • Alternatives EAP (Employee Assistance Program) KC, MO
  • AmeriCorps
  • Barber County Judicial System – Habitual Overdrafters Class
  • BTI Equipment – John Deere -Bucklin, Ks
  • Carrico Implement
  • Cavalier Leadership – Overland Park, Ks
  • Community First National Bank – Manhattan, Ks
  • Credit Unions of Southwest Kansas
  • Dodge City Ford County Development Corp – Dodge City, Ks
  • Empac EAP (Employee Assistance Program) – Wichita, Ks
  • Emporia Kansas Chamber of Commerce
  • First National Bank St John, Ks
  • First United Methodist Church
  • Freeman Financial Concepts
  • Greater Wichita Florist Association
  • Great Plains Development Inc.
  • Hoxie Implement -Hoxie, Ks
  • Kansas City Money Smart Day
  • Kansas Court Reporters Association.
  • Ks. Christian Home – Newton, Ks
  • Kansas MarketPlace – Dodge City, Ks
  • NAGNA –National Association of Geriatric Nursing Assistants
  • National Monument Convention
  • Parents As Teachers
  • Pratt Regional Medical Center
  • Johnson County Community College
  • Kansas Healthcare Association
  • Kansas Volunteers Commission
  • Keating & Associates
  • Learning Center of Pratt, Ks
  • Oklahoma Court Reporters Association
  • Powerful Professional Conference – Overland Park, Ks
  • South Western Association
  • Tax Favored Benefits
  • The Masters Class – Branson, Mo
  • The Peoples Bank – Pratt, Ks
  • Tomorrow Leaders – Kansas Parks and Recreation Leadership
  • USD 259 – Wichita, Ks
  • Youth Volunteer Corps of America


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BTI Equipment
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Kansas Small Business Development Center
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