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Are you an OS SHOPPER?

Today I have to go shopping for groceries. Haven’t been for a while and I need everything, which is going to take a couple of hours to buy, check out, get home and unload and unpack everything. I have had a year of large unexpected expenses, so I know that I must be extra careful with my spending. I cannot become an Octopus Shopper (OS). You know – the kind of shopper that goes down the aisles and the arms are going left and right and you are pulling all kinds of things (mostly wants) from the shelves and you just can’t seem to do enough of it. You need to stop reaching and start thinking about what you are doing.

I try to add up the stuff in my cart as I go to have some kind of idea of where I am at. Even a rough guess of what is in your cart can help you to keep it in check.

Come on now – – you have to know the total dollar amount that you can spend. You have to live within your means. You cannot let your shopping become that black hole of spending. I have people tell me that they can’t separate the groceries from the birthday presents because it is all on one bill. Why don’t you separate the groceries and the gifts in your cart and have them subtotal after one or the other and see what you are really spending in each category. It doesn’t matter what is in your cart at the checkout line– you have to have money in the account to pay for the purchased items. You still have to know how much you can AFFORD to spend at the store for this trip – which means you have to live within your budget – which means you only have so many dollars to go around for everything.

We just passed another expensive holiday – Easter. Did you just spend to spend? to get stuff to have for the kids for the holiday or did you have a very good idea of what you couldspend? We gotta stop letting the money slip through our fingers. In this tight economy, an overspendage of $25 here and $50 there can really hurt the old checkbook. Spending overages can sometimes making it even harder to pay for the needs of life, example – rent, utilities, etc.

So next time you go shopping, please leave your OS Suit at home and put on your Thinking Hat.

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