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Norma Jones Fall 2011 Collection


This is just one of my  friendship memory –makers of my life. My friend Norma passed away last month and I will miss her so deeply that words cannot express….I just wanted to rerun this in her memory. Maybe someday I will write about the infamous “Mouse Adventure” of Norma Jones, Diane Parsons and Motorcycle Mary.

Hugs to you Miss Norma Jones – -

I wrote the book on being broke and coming back, but when I bought my house almost 5 years ago, I had no furniture, but I had a home! I do live frugal and boy, do I like it when I am in the jet stream of my friends getting rid of things that I can use in my home.

Some people think that second hand things are not for them. They need to have the latest Brand Name Collection of whatever or they are not satisfied. I even read one time where a woman saw two exact tables at different prices and she bought the higher priced one as she thought it held more value.

One of my BFF’s is a young 70ish age woman named Norma Jones. She had an apartment in the city that she was getting rid of after many years of enjoying the city on the weekends for shows, shopping, etc. She pulled a few people together and allowed us to have our pick of the place as she did not want to move any of it. I have to say this – that was a once in a lifetime experience.

She had brought a couple of granddaughters and one of her daughters, and I tried to be considerate of them and they had first choice on things. After we had been in the apartment for a while I hesitantly said “Does anyone want that dining room set?” Nope they replied and in that one sweep of a moment I had a beautiful dining room table, followed by a sleeper sofa, 2 big wooden screens, lots of little end tables, beautiful clocks, and plant stands. I just cannot tell you how tickled I was. On top of that they delivered it 80 miles to my little bungalow. Thanks Howard!

Well, that little trip led me to my basement where I set up tables and unpacked each and every box that I had down there. Next, I went through and pulled out all the stuff to the trash, what I was going to give to Goodwill and with what was left over, I got a girlfriend to help me use my new stuff with my old stuff and we completely redesigned the inside of my house. Basically for free between Norma’s stuff and my stuff from the basement.  And when I repack the stuff left in the basement, I know that it will probably be the last time I see some of that stuff, but the things I have surrounding me upstairs are the important things in my life.

As Norma says all the time “We need to repurpose things.” I am trying to learn from her lead. If I don’t want that Indian Doll anymore I will give it to my niece who collects Indian Memorabilia. Why let it go to waste in the basement, only to be auctioned off to the highest bidder (who could give a rats a—who or where it came from) when you pass from this earth.

When people come into my home and say “Oh, I love the big wooden screen as a headboard and that dining room set is beautiful!” I have to smile and say, “It’s from the Norma Jones Fall 2011 Collection and thank you I think it’s beautiful, too.”

I just hope one day that some of my friends will say “It is from the Motorcycle Mary Collection.” And that they know I had gently used it during my reign as caretaker…and that now I would like for them to enjoy. Getting something for nothing has always taken a bum rap – it isn’t always bad.

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