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Life Hours

Life Hours Equation…

Life Hours (LH) – You give one hour of your life to make this much money
To figure your approximate Life Hours Income (Spendable Income)

Example of Life Hours Equation:

a: ) Gross Hourly Wage – $10.00
b: ) less .30% (approx.) = -$3.00
c: ) Life Hours or Spendable Income $7.00

Example of what your spending habits are costing you in work weeks:

Sodas, snacks or just plain frivolous spending $2 a day
x 365 days a year = $730 a year
/$7 in Life Hours pay = 104 Life Hours
/ 40 hr. work weeks = 2 1/2 Working Weeks of your life

How to Figure how much of your life you are spending on stuff
Take your item total $ _______ x ____________ How many days a year you purchase it
= $ ______ / _______ Your Life Hours Income = ________ Your Life Hours that you worked to pay for this item / _______ Hours you work a week